mylittlefamily.jpgMy name is Christina. I am thirty two years old, and I am a mom to a gorgeous 16 month old baby girl, a fiancé to a marvelous man, a teacher to a rowdy bunch of grade six students, a self proclaimed home chef, and new lover of whole, clean and organic foods, and I’m a woman who wants to love her body.

I am on a mission to be a positive woman.  I believe in the Law of Attraction and that by focusing on positive thoughts I can bring about positive results!  I am here to prove this to myself, and to you.

One lazy Saturday afternoon,while laying on the couch eating chips n ‘dip, I watched a couple of food documentaries on Netflix: Hungry for Change, Food Matters, and Food, Inc.  I finished the shows, pushed the chips aside and realized that watching these documentaries had changed my entire perspective on food! It really made me re-evaluate what I have been putting into my body as nutrition.  I now am beginning to view my body as a temple and want to become the fittest, and healthiest I can be for my wedding on August 24th, of this year! I also want to be the best role model I can be for my growing baby girl.