Whippoorwill Trail / Sandy Cove

This is how I love to spend my Saturdays: hanging out with my perfect lil’ family and going on a family hike!  Harrison Hot Springs, BC is only a 15 minute drive from our house and is a perfect destination on a sunny weekend.  Throw the hiking backpack in the car, some trail mix in our pockets,  and off we go!Joel and Jaima

I had read about the Whipporwill Trail in the Vancouver, Coast and Mountains: Backroad Mapbook and was eager to give it a try. It is listed as a moderate, 4 km, partial loop hike, and it took us about an hour and a half.

Starting near the Harrison Hot Springs Hotel, walk along the path that follows the  lake beachfront, heading west (away from the spit/swimming hole).  The path will continue past the hotel and over a small water-flow control dam. Continue along the lake shore, passing a water tower hidden away on the mountainside. The large path ends at Harrison Hot Springs, also known as St. Agnes Well. The hot springs have a strong sulfur smell and are surrounded by a caged stone building.


Whippoorwill Trailhead

The trailhead at the end of this main trail, on the left, before the water treatment plant.

The trail leads immediately upwards towards a nice viewpoint of the lake, then you must backtrack to locate the trail, leading around a large boulder.

The trail then descends and after following the edge of the hill a short distance, turns abruptly to the left and descends to a trail junction.

At the junction we stayed to the left (the right takes you directly to the hidden Sandy Cove beach). The trail leads through a dark forest to Harrison River, and follows the river all the way around to the lake.



Jaima and I

The trail continued along the river climbing a minor amount of elevation before reaching Whippoorwill Point less. The point is the furthest rock where the source of the Harrison River meets Harrison Lake.

Then we continued down to Sandy Point, a gorgeous hidden, sandy beach that is only accessible by hiking in, or by boat. Nice place to enjoy our trail mix, and our daughter Jaima got to explore her first beach!

Then it was time make our way back, and head back to the trail. We turned right and headed uphill back to the large boulder, then back down to the main Harrison Hot Springs trail.

What a gorgeous day to get out and enjoy the first bit of sun this year.  Feels good to enjoy nature and get out into the fresh air!

Harrison Lake JaimaJuno



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