Deliberately Feelin’ Groovy

Has something like this ever happened to you?

Last weekend, Joel and I loaded the baby, and the dog, into the car to go for a hike to a local waterfall.  On the drive there I wasn’t paying attention, forgot to tell Joel where to turn off (which caused an additional 10 minutes of driving); gas light was on, so we stopped at the nearest station that just happened to be 10 cents more than it usually is!  Joel pulls the car in to the very busy gas station, gets out, and the pump is broken. Joel gets back in the car, maneuvers to another pump, and is about to begin to pump the gas when a kid runs out of the station and yells “hey buddy!  You’re going to have to move. I paid for the wrong pump, and that’s my gas!” Let me just say that within this described 15 minutes our moods went from happy- go-lucky to miserable! When it rains it pours, and there’s nothing you can do about it, right?!

Wrong! Did you know that you can change your thoughts, and feelings at any time?  All you need to do is consciously think about something positive.  In our case, we cracked some jokes, pointed out our unfortunate moods, laughed it out, and got on with our beautiful hike!

If I’m in a grumpy mood I think about something that is sure to make me smile: my daughter, and our dog. Especially when my daughter Jaima is attempting to climb, or ride our dog.

What brings a smile to your face?  A memory?  A pet?  A loved one?  Next time you catch yourself feeling angry, or sad, or even bored, think about something that makes you happy and I guarantee, you feel feel better instantly. Life is too short, so think some happy thoughts, and make your own day!

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