My Vision Book

This is my little notebook that I like to call my Vision Book. A month and a half ago, I began writing down any affirmations, words of inspiration, things I want, things I am grateful for, etc into this little notebook and carrying it with me in my purse wherever I go.  I’ve even included pictures of some physical things I really want, such as a Vitamix blender, and a 2013 Volkswagen Jetta, just so my intentions are clearer. This book is amazing because as I write things down, read over my notes daily, I’m finding that more and more of what I’m writing I’m receiving!vision book

For example, Joel and I really wanted to get a Vitamix blender to make green smoothies. We had watched such powerful documentaries on receiving

 vitamins from these amazing vegetable and fruit concoctions, and we wanted the benefits too. Vitamix blenders are notoriously known as fantastic,  top of the line, commercial blenders, and they are VERY pricey.  The one I had my eye on was well over $400, and I just couldn’t bring myself to pay that right now. $400 on a blender just didn’t feel good, and I think whenever I make a purchase I should feel good about it.

A week later we visited my parents. My Dad has a Vitamix blender, and after a hike, he blended us up a delicious green smoothie to try. We were hooked; took out the laptop, and started looking on for a blender. Unfortunately all of the Vitamix blenders were still listed at over $350. But then a gorgeous Breville 750 watt blender caught my eye.  It was listed at $189.99 (including an $80 discount) and its reviews stated that it was” as good as a popular higher priced blender at a third of the price.”  I bought it, and it felt good.

The next week, while anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new blender I received a cheque in the mail for a refund on a purchase I had long forgotten about, and had written off as a lost cause. It was a cheque for $200! So, basically we had received the blender (or one like it) I had written about in my Vision Book for FREE! The Law of Attraction delivers. Cool, eh? The blender we bought makes fantastic green smoothies!

My Vision Book is amazing.  It is so wonderful to be able to see my hopes and my dreams, and  things I’m thankful for, all written down in one place!  It’s even more awesome to be able to put check marks next to things that have arrived, or have happened. Go out and get yourself a Vision Book today.  If it feels good in your hands when you hold it you’ll know you’ve chosen the right notebook. Enjoy.



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